Manuscript Submission System

Problems with Viewing PDF Documents?

Some AOL and Internet Explorer Web browsers may exeprience problems with opening certain documents as Web pages. If you believe that you are experiencing this problem please follow one of the following two IEEE recomendations:

Enabling the Browser to Use Acrobat as a Helper Application

Current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader should be able to configure your Web browser so that a PDF file is opened automatically. If you are experiencing problems you may try to remove all installed versions of Adobe Acrobat and/or Acroboat Reader, restart your computer, and then install only the latest version of the software. This advice was taken from Adobe Support Web Site. Alternatively you may try to save the manuscript to your hard drive and then open it within your PDF reader using open command.

Saving the PDF document as a local file for future reference

In Internet Explorer move the mouse cursor onto the link to the document, right click the mouse and select Save Target As... from the local menu.

In FireFox or Netscape move the mouse cursor onto the link to the document, right click the mouse and select Save Link As... from the local menu.

Alternatively, after the document is displayed in Adobe Acrobat Reader within the Web browser window you may click on the floppy disk icon to save the PDF file.

A dialog box will appear and you will be prompted to choose the location for the file to be stored on your local machine. Later on, you can open this file with Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF reading utility you have regardless from whether you are connected to the Internet or not.

Getting PDF Reading Software

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you cannot open the PDF file even after downloading it to your local machine. However, if you can open the file and receive a warning or an error message please read the following section.

If your reader cannot open a file due to a "CMAP error" and you cannot wait for the correction, please go ahead and download Asian Font Pack from Adobe.

Missing Font or Font Encoding Problems

The manuscript submission system is configured to enforce IEEE Xplore Library strict standard for PDF files. However, some conferences decide to wave the requirements for the initial submission. Unfortunately, the only safe solution to the missing font problem is to obtain a new PDF file from the author. All quick fixes may result in altered documents that may not display certain information correctly such as special symbols in mathematical equations.

In some cases when opening a paper you may receive an error dialog box that indicates that a font is missing. This error is caused by the fact that the author used one or more fonts that are not common and forgot to configure their PDF creation software to embed the font into the PDF file.

Frequently Acrobat Reader can recover from this problem by using another, similar font from your system. However, sometimes the software has no clue what to use. The conference organizers do their best to identify such cases and reprocess the files using Adobe Distiller and full set of fonts that are available for worldwide locations.

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