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Please use Access Existing Manuscript for submitting a newer version of the same paper to ensure that the latest version is considered. In case of duplicate submissions only the first one will be considered, and all other will be removed before the review process starts.

Modify Existing Manuscript, Final Version, and Copyright Form Submission

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Please use this entrance to update existing manuscript, check review results, submit the final version, and sign the Web-based copyright form.

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Enter any author email here as filled in in the submission form. All authors are searched.

Advisory regarding plagiarism

"When does plagiarism occur? Is there an established percentage, a rule of thumb, a saturation point that we can use to determine when plagiarism has taken place? Or is it simply that "plagiarism is plagiarism"? The answer may lie somewhere between the stark (and perhaps too simple) dictum and the convenience of ready-made measures. In most cases, the dictum can be applied appropriately: plagiarism is plagiarism. However, there are in fact degrees of plagiarism: one can steal an entire paper, or a section of a paper, or a page, a paragraph or a sentence. Even copying phrases without credit and quotation marks can be considered plagiarism. In other words, paraphrasing done improperly can qualify as plagiarism." - quoted from the IEEE Web site.

Read more at IEEE - Identifying plagiarism .